We have started providing our car driving simulators on rental basis in India. Currently, our simulators are used for only training purpose (not for gaming). Our simulators can be used in automobile events, product launches, trade shows etc. Showcasing our simulators will not only catch the eyes of prospective customers, but will also improve the brand of your company.

  • How can I rent this simulator?

You can rent this simulator by filling the contact form on the homepage or contact us page. We will get in touch with you in as soon as possible. You can also call on +91-9004580102 to place your order.

  • Can you customize our brand name on the simulator?

Yes, we do customize your company or brand name on the simulator.

  • What about shipping and installation?

Shipping and installation of the product will be done by our team of experts. Our team will be with you for guidance and support.

Please note that shipping and installation charges will be different.

  • How long will it take to reach my destination?

It depends on the location; normally it takes 3-5 days to reach the destination.

  • Any extra charges apart from rental price?

Apart from rental price – service tax, shipping, installation and travelling charges will be there. To know the exact rental price, you can contact us now at +91-9004580102. We are also available on WhatsApp: +91-8369199081.

Call us now at +91-9004580102 to get a free quote!!