• For a beginner, it is the best way to learn the basics of driving a car and for a regular person who knows how to drive a car; it can be used to further improve their driving skills.
  • Basic to comprehensive training modules where one can learn – how to park a car in parking space, garage space, how to drive in city and different weather conditions etc.
  • The hardware used in the simulator (steering wheel, gear box, paddles – accelerator, brake, clutch, hand brake, ignition key etc.) is same as in a real car. The software includes all the training modules to test your driving skills in difficult situations to help you get over the fear while driving a real car.
  • A detailed report can be generated after completion of every stage to rectify your mistakes and further improve your driving skills.
  • Students training on the simulator are more confident while driving a real car.
  • Cost effective as fuel money is saved while training on the simulator.
  • If you are planning to start a driving school or already have one, having a driving simulator will not only help you save time but also attract more people to join your driving school.
  • By the end of the training, you will learn how to tackle real life driving situations by following traffic rules and safe driving protocols.

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