This model is advanced version of all the car driving training simulator models we provide in terms of hardware quality, software and other features. In this model, we provide options to choose screen size of the monitor – 21, 27 and 32 inch. You can select the screen size as per your requirement. Kindly note this is a one screen simulator with an option to customize the monitor screen size.

Product details and specifications

  • Strong metal cockpit
  • Dynamic force feedback steering wheel
  • Adjustable car seat
  • Screen size – 21, 27 and 32 inch
  • Speaker – 3D sound with headphone
  • Resolution – 1280×768

Some key features of this model

  • Advanced features
  • Strong hardware base
  • Basic to comprehensive training level modes
  • Detailed review after each level is completed

Dimension of the product: 142 x 97 x 108 cm

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